Mengo S-Power 5300Mah Solar Back-up Battery Charger Dual USB Ports


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S-Power Back-up Battery:

S-Power backup battery charger is perfect for an on-the-go charge. By simply exposing this battery to sunlight, it will re-charge itself, ready to charge your device. PLEASE NOTE: A full day of sunlight exposure will only provide the external battery with about 1/8 of its charging capacity. For quicker charging, please use the included micro USB cable. The LED indicator will allow you to know how much power the back-up battery contains.

IPX-4 Water/Shock Resistance:

The S-Power back-up battery is manufactured with IPX-4 Water-Resistant Technology. This means it can withstand some water, such as raindrops, mud, splashing, etc. This DOES NOT mean the product can be submerged in water. The Shockproof resistance offers ultra shock absorbency, which disperses the impact to prevent damage if dropped.

Dual USB Ports:

The S-Power back-up battery includes two USB ports. This will allow two mobile devices to charge simultaneously, or a single tablet.

LED Charge Indicator Light:

When exposed to sunlight, the LED indicator will turn green, signalizing that your S-Power external battery is absorbing sunlight, and is being charged.

S-Power Smart Charge Technology:

The S-Power back-up battery detects your device, and distributes the proper amperage for the quickest charge.


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